Danakyu (2300m) to Chame (2670m) – October 2, 2014

Scenes from Danakyu - ChameToday we had a much easier walk. While the trail is marked pretty well, occasionally there are challenges…

Two signs pointing opposite directions to Chame?
Which way to Chame?

I also realized that trying to capture all of the details of every day in a blog is going to kill me! So we met some great folks from California today (the first Americans we’ve met in Nepal) who had a great idea; A daily journal with, where we started and ended, and 3 words/things/phrases that best highlight the day, and maybe a sentence or two… I’m changing it a bit to answer our “family dinner questions” (Jacobus family shout out!); Best part of the day, Worst Part of the Day, and What I’m Thankful For.

So that’s my new goal! And pictures of course! More detail when we can. So far on our hike we’ve been trying to memorize a bible verse a day, so I’ll add that too.

3 Things:
– California friends (Molly and David)
– First mountain views and Apple country
– Hot springs

Best part of the day:
Meeting fun new friends to hike and chat with, who have a much better guide book than us!

Worst part of the day:
Nothing bad really… Our new friends getting stomach sick

I’m thankful for:
A wonderful patient husband who takes my hangry-grumpiness, random freak-outs and poor trail singing in stride and still loves me

Memory verse
Assurance of Salvation – John 5:24

“I tell you the truth, he who hears my word and believes in Him who sent me has eternal life. He will not be condemned, but has already passed from death into life.”

Kids selling apples on the road side.
Kids selling apples on the roadside
The "Hot Spring" in Chame.
This was the “Hot Spring.” It was hot and fairly relaxing.

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6 Replies to “Danakyu (2300m) to Chame (2670m) – October 2, 2014”

  1. In case you have not they was a unseasonal blizzard on the Anapurna Circuit trek. Some lost their lives and many were caught in the blizzard due to typhoon Hudhud. I wanted to let everyone know that Liz and Rick are ok and have finished the trek. They were in Pokhara when the disaster hit on the mountain. Praise God….but for the grace of God …they made it all the way down just in time. They had lots of rain in Pokhara and they spent the day in a Spa working on their very sore muscles. They are now rafting down south to take a safari in Chitwan National Park.. Please keep then in your prayers . mom Burns.

  2. your memory verse reminded me of another place in John that I was looking at recently. John 15:3 “ALREADY you are CLEAN because of the WORD I have spoken to you.” Praying y’all will rejoice, abide in the love of Christ and share the gospel! love y’all!

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