It fits!!

Well all the clothes and toiletries fit in the backpack. Just a few little random things to find places for and we’re good!

Things that are making me…

say “OMG! We’re backpackers now!”…

1) having only a car key on my key chain

2) Rick asks “hey, did you bring that thing with you?” when we realize the answer’s “Yes” because we’re driving car that contains EVERYTHING we have left in it

…shed more than a few tears…

1) Leaving my second family yesterday at Brinker/Chili’s. And my extended second family at Hill Holiday, IMM, TMA and MindHandle. I’ll miss you all more than words can say

2) Dropping off Ruger at his “vacation home” with the amazing Roseana and Francis

So that’s what a years worth of clothing looks like!

…and it’s fitting into a backpack. Here goes nothing!!

Here’s the current packing list – since I’ve gotten that question a few times. I’m about to try and get it all in the bag, so stayed tuned for what cuts have to be made

It’s gettin real!

Leaving Dallas to take all our possessions we have left to Kentucky!

10:18 pm …. I’m betting on 15 hour drive with the Uhaul towing a truck. We’ll keep ya posted!

Ok… Update, we’ve maxed out at 50 MPH so it may be more like 18 hours? Just a warm up to get us used to “slow travel”