Chame (2670m) to Ghyaru (3670m) via Upper Pisang – October 3, 2014

3 Things:
– Holy Annapurna 2 views! (that’s a mountain)
– Nepali sheep hats
– Altitude – really starting to feel it! Over 10k feet… Maybe 11k now

P1030816 P1030895

Best part of the day:
Making it to Ghyaru. It was a crazy steep long climb up, about 600 meters up in a mile and a half at the end of our day. I was feeling the altitude. But the little tiny village was so endearing and had incredible views!

Yeti Hat

Worst part of the day:
Breaking my sunglasses! Ugh!! I’m SO mad at myself, I just wasn’t being careful and bent them and pop out the lense. Rick got them semi back together, in a fragile state… And swears he can get them back to new once we are back to town and he has a screwdriver and lighter. Yea for skilled husband!

I’m thankful for: 
Good Nepali home cooking. The guest house in Ghyaru served the best food we’ve had so far! I had Dal Bhat which is the official dish of nepal. It’s varied as to exactly what the flavors are, but it consists of rice, a lentil soup and some kind of other stewed/curry bowl of something (can be veggies, yak, chickeb) this one was rice, lentil soup (dal) and what they call a vegetable curry, but this one didn’t have the overwhelming curry flavor to me… Just good flavor. It was so yummy! And made from the garden outside our window.


Memory verse: 
Assurance of Answered Prayer – John 16:24
“Until now you have asked for nothing in my name. Ask and you will receive and your joy will be complete.”

Rick’s take on the Day:
As we’ve been hiking we keep passing these walls of Mani Stones. Intricately carved rocks with Tibetan Buddhist prayers carved into them. Thousands of them are pilled into walls like the one below:

Prayer rocks (mori wall) Prayer rocks (mori wall)We almost stopped in Upper Pisang, but our team of 4 (with David and Molly) rallied for the big 2 hour push to Ghyaru at 12,000 Ft with is higher than Manang (the next town on our trek) which will help our acclimatization. Everyone seems to be dealing with the altitude well so far.

Liz, Molly and David
Liz, Molly and David

The last hour and a half from Pisang to Ghyaru was an absolutely crazy uphill 600 vertical meter climb. I was glad we bought walking sticks for 250 nrp north of Dhilur Pokhari to help with the climbing. Our reward was some of the most wonderful views of Annapurna 2 from Upper Pisang and the amazing views of Annapurna 4 from Ghyaru.

The accommodation in Ghyaru are much sparser, but very endearing none the less.


Liz and RickTrekking is feeling good!

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