We’re safe and sound!

Many of you have probably heard about the horrible blizzard and accompanying avalanches that have killed a number of trekkers, porters and guides on the Annapurna Circuit.

We want to let everyone know that, while we were just there a couple days ago, we are safe, made it out before the storm and are no longer in the region effected. Our blog on the other hand (due to a general lack of Internet on the circuit) is still a week or so behind. So rest assured we are safe, but you’ll hear a lot of places talked about in the news on our blog for the next few days.

Please join us in praying for the families of those involved, as well as those involved in the rescue efforts.

Rick & Liz

Liz found this link with current accurate information updated frequently:

Update Oct. 27, 2014:
If you are looking for missing trekkers from the disaster, their is a Facebook page set-up to try and help reconnect people. It has an unofficial status list updated regularly as well as other information. Please check out the Annapurna Nepal Blizzard and Avalanche Info Share Page on Facebook if you might have or need any information.

5 Replies to “We’re safe and sound!”

  1. YAY! Thanks for the update! The blog entries have been great, no matter when they are posted! It’s like I am with y’all…I mean, not really, but kinda, no?

    Love y’all! Stay safe! Keep looking for those monkeys!

  2. I heard about the disaster on the Annapurna circuit and came to your site to check. Good to know that you are doing fine and made it out before the storm hit.

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