Manang Acclimatization Day (aka the day hike from hell) October 5, 2014

Manang, Nepal, Ice Lake Acclimatization day3 Things:

– Hiked to over 15,000 feet elevation (higher than the summit of a 14teen-er)
– adorable dog guardian of the ice lake at 15k ft
– kinda wanted to die

Best part of the day:
Switched tea houses to “the good one” for our second night in Manang. And it had a warm shower and good food!! Of Dal Bhat – yum!! A good meal, nice shower and friends to hang out with was much needed after the day hike from hell (see worst part of day). We got to chat with some fun folks from Israel and Germany and the States.


Baby Yak with bow, Manang Nepal
Baby, yak. Sooooo cute with his little bow.

Worst part of the day:
Guidebook said “nice half day hike for acclimatization” … And “beautiful ice lake with 360 views of 3 mountain ranges”. It was 5 hours UP. We gained 1,100 m in 10-12k… That’s 3,609 feet in elevation gain ! To put us at 15,000+ ft in altitude. It was no half day hike. There was no ice in the lake, it was more of a puddle. And to ad insult to injury the clouds rolled in just as we were getting to the top, so no 360 degree views for us. On the positive, it was great prep for the next couple days. We don’t go that high again until the day before we cross the pass. And alwadty I feel better acclimated.

Hike to Ice Lake Manang, Nepal.

I’m thankful for:
God giving us bodies that are so adjustable. It’s pretty amazing how my lungs and heart and brain can all change to less oxygen this quickly. And how my muscles and legs are about to carry me up these mountains. It’s a pretty amazing creator that designed these bodies.

Hike to Ice Lake Manang, Nepal.

Memory verse:
1 John 5:5
“Who is it that overcomes the world except he who believes that Jesus us the son of God.”

Prayer flags Ice Lake, Manang, Nepal.

Rick’s Take on the day:
Found good coffee at Tilicho Bakery, 2 double espressos!

“Easy half day Manang Acclimatization Day” turned into death march from hell. Guide book said 4-5 hours, turns out that’s only the uphill part not coming back down.  Good views which would have been better had we started earlier but with switching rooms we got a late start. Clouds rolled in in the afternoon and spoiled most of the views. The lakes themselves weren’t that spectacular, small shallow and surrounded by dusty rocks. Highlight of the hike was the puppy dog that meet us about 14.5k ft and leaded us to the lakes. Sweet dog, all by himself at 15,000 ft!

The Dog at 15,000ft

The Dog at 15,000ft  Manang, Nepal.

New place to stay “Tilicho Hotel” was very nice! Food was great, we both had Dal baht, and seconds! Great common areas and a warmish electric shower.

Owner saw a snow leapard right by our room just 5 days before we arrived, and had lots of pictures to prove it! Soo cool.

Snow Leopard Manang, Nepal

Liz hiding in the Yak Herder Ruins, Manang, Nepal.
Liz hiding in the Yak Herder Ruins.

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